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Wise Aging Group

Old Age is not a defeat, but a victory, not a punishment but a privilege.  The test of a people is how it behaves toward the old…man’s potential for change and growth is much great than we are willing to admit and old age (can) be regarded not as the age of stagnation but as the age of opportunities for inner growth.

                   -- Abraham Joshua Heschel


Congregation Beth Shalom is offering a Wise Aging program to provide new resources and support to live the later years with spirit, resilience and wisdom. 

The four-session introductory program will meet at Beth Shalom on Tuesday March 21 and 28, April 4 and 18 from 3:30-5:00.  There is no charge for the class but participants are encouraged to obtain a copy of the book, Wise Aging, by Rabbi Rachel Cowan and Linda Thal.  Lesley Levin and Rabbi Besser will co-lead the class.  For further information please contact Lesley at