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Finding God: A Discussion Group

First Meeting: Launching a monthly exploration of personal spirituality. This is an opportunity for you to develop, clarify, and discuss your own personal views about God in a non-judgmental space, and situate them within the wide and diverse streams of Jewish tradition. We will discuss questions such as:

• who is God? (a spirit? a being? a force? an invention of the human mind?)

• are there higher powers besides God? (angels? Satan?)

• how can we know and feel God in our lives?

• what is God’s relationship to the world? (part of? separate from?)

• how does God interact with the world? (does God intervene? What about “miracles?”)

• what is God’s relationship to the Jews? (what is “covenant?” what does “chosen people” mean?)

• why is there evil in the world? (why do “good” people suffer? how could God “let” the Holocaust happen? if God is not all-powerful, why believe?)

Our jumping off point will be the book: Finding God: Ten Jewish Responses, by Rifat Soncino and Daniel Syme. Each session’s discussion will be based on a different chapter. It will be best to come prepared to each session by reading the chapter in advance.

Please contact Rabbi Besser by email, at, if you plan to attend, so that he may email you the reading material prior to each class.


Note that in future months, we will general meet on the last Thursday of every month, (but in November we are meeting earlier due to scheduling conflicts). The discussion group will continue till April or May. You do not have to attend one session in order to attend another.


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