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The Ration of the Dead and the Means of Mutual Support during the Siege of Lenningrad with Nina Perlina, guest speaker

Member Nina Perlina will speak on the Siege of Lenningrad.

She is Emerita from the Slavic and Eastern European Studies Department at IU. She began teaching at IU in 1987. She was born in Leningrad in 1939, and her entire family survived the Siege of Leningrad. She emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1974. Among her publications on the history of Russian literature and culture (Dostoevsky, Gogol, Pushkin) is also a monograph Olga Freidenberg’s Works and Days. Freidenberg, Boris Pasternak’s cousin and life-long correspondent, the outstanding expert on Ancient Greek mythology, folklore and literature, was an author of a diary The Race of Life that included her recollections of the horrors of the Leningrad blockade: “The Siege of the Human Being”. Soon after Perlina completed her analytical biography of Freidenberg, she co-authored with Professor Cynthia Simmons Writing a Siege of Leningrad: Women’s Diaries, Memoires and Documentary Prose. The interviews with the siege survivors had a reinvigorating impact on her own recollections of this time, though she was just a toddler when the siege was declared. She will talk on the personal experiences of Leningrad youngsters, schoolkids, and their parents.

Publications and talks related to the theme of the Siege:

Writing the Siege of Leningrad (mentioned above)

“Daughters and Stepdaughters of the Russian Revolution”, Russian Review, 1992

“Selective Affinities: History of Culture in the works of Pasternak and Freidenberg”, Indiana Slavic Studies, 1996

Potluck dessert will follow the program. Please bring baked goods, fruit or drinks.

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