Our Mission and Values

Congregation Beth Shalom (“House of Peace”) is a diverse and engaged community dedicated to learning, prayer, friendship, and Jewish living in south-central Indiana.

We strive to be a “big-tent” Jewish home where everyone is welcome.

We are committed to:

Jewish Tradition

There are many ways to be authentically Jewish. We are grounded in the ritual, texts, and wisdom of our tradition – and encourage each member to find their unique Jewish path through our 3 minyanim (prayer groups), music and art, intellectual pursuit, and communal engagement.

Mutual Care

This is the heart of our community: being there for each other in times of joy and sorrow. Members come together to share celebrations and holidays, support each other with meals and rides, and comfort each other in mourning.

Social Justice

Guided by the principal of tikkun olam – healing the world –we are involved in projects that mend our local community, promote tzedakah (charity), and contribute to peace and equality in the world.

Lifelong Learning

Education is central to our community. Our preschool and religious school, activities for teenagers, and adult programs connect individuals with Jewish practice and values, inspire questions, and promote love of Torah.


We respect the great diversity of human beings, all of whom are created b’tzelem Elohim, (“in God’s image”) and welcome individuals irrespective of race, sexual orientation, economic status, physical or cognitive ability, or mental health status.

Mutual Respect

Our community brings together Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and members of interfaith households, individuals who identify as religious (of every denomination), secular, or cultural Jews, and those seeking to join the Jewish people. Our variety is our strength.

Our Rabbi

My top priorities at Beth Shalom include: fostering a warm, welcoming and inclusive communal culture, nurturing caring relationships with and among individuals, and engaging and exploring traditional Jewish texts to maximize their relevancy to contemporary life. I consider my life’s purpose to serve God by serving others. I seek to educate, support, nurture, comfort, and guide by example.

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