Religious School

The Beth Shalom Religious School (RS) is a synagogue-based program committed to providing an inclusive, nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment for children in our community. In this atmosphere, we seek to enhance children’s sense of the width and breadth of a full Jewish life through study, worship and caring for the community. Following the rhythms of the Jewish calendar, the program will immerse children in Jewish culture, song, and language, and foster their connection with Jewish traditions and values. We use the current knowledge and research of how children develop, grow, and learn as the framework for incorporating the best and most appropriate educational practices, as well as the best ways to foster growth of the spiritual and moral values inherent in Judaism.

Schedule & Staff

Sunday: 10am-noon: Judaica classes for pre-k through seventh grade

Tefilot: Amy Jackson

Prek/kindergarten: Arielle Beuzion

First grade: Stefanie Weintraub

Second grade: Talia Schiff

Third grade: Zahava Vales

The older grades rotate teachers every nine weeks and learn:

What is Jewish history?  (Aaron Buratti)

What are middot and Jewish values? (Libby Hogan)

What does Judaism say about caring for the environment? (Agnes Barroll)


Sunday: noon-1:30: Hebrew classes

Learning the aleph-bet: Stefanie Weintraub

Shalom Haverim: Leah Cover

Drama in Hebrew: Didi Kerler

Learning the Trops: Sarah Wasserman


Wednesday (optional): 4:30-6pm: Hebrew classes

Breishit: Didi Kerler

Learning the aleph-bet: Ariadne Lieber

Overall Goals


* To provide opportunities for each child to take part in an enriched Jewish life.
* To promote the partnership between the school, home and Beth Shalom, in order to strengthen families and integrate them into congregational life.

Social and Emotional            

* To develop a sense of self-esteem and exhibit a positive attitude toward Jewish life.

* To promote skills of independence, self-confidence, self-control and responsibility.


      * To provide opportunities for children to be active participants in their own learning process, constructing their own best way to learn through varied and repeated experiences.

* To provide a continuum of skills and experiences that meet the needs of individual students as they grow and develop within a dynamic classroom setting.

* To develop learning experiences which engage the whole child – mind and body.

* To enable the child to explore, discover and exert creative effort in order to problem-solve and make sense of her world through logical thinking.

* To acquire concepts and thinking leading to a fuller understanding of their Jewish world.

*To promote caring for and protection of our environment and the world around us.